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How to have a good relationship with your teacher

Last week I attended a course about the Perl Programming Language. It was a three day course taught in a classroom environment with presented modules and exercises. This was the first technical course I have been on for a long time, these days I usually teach them. It’s always interesting to see how other trainers [...]
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Presenting in a foreign language

Today we have a guest post from Maureen McGuinness about speech delivery in a foriegn language. You can follow Maureen on twitter! Presenting and public speaking are challenging but rewarding skills to learn. They require time and dedication to be successfully executed. But what if you had to present in another language? As a languages [...]
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Don’t use Laser pointers

If you wave a laser pointer back and forth fast enough you will create a solid trail of light on the wall. When I did some training in India I worked with a very inexperienced presenter. His slides were a dense collection of bullet points. He read out each bullet point verbatim. Worst of all [...]
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