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How to use Mindmaps for speech writing, brainstorming and learning

I have used mindmapping extensively for brainstorming and learning. I created a mindmap to plan my second Toastmasters speech. In this post I will explain the advantages of mindmapping, provide instructions on how to create one, and give examples of where I have used mindmapping to enhance my public speaking. The problem with Bullet Points Consider [...]
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Creativity vs. Ownership

I work on London’s Southbank, and on my lunchtime walks to the shops I see hundreds of tourists brandishing beautiful digital cameras, often with lenses more expensive than the cameras themselves.  And they’re all taking pictures of the same things: St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, tourist attractions that are photographed hundreds of times a day. [...]
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Snowflake method for speeches

The snowflake method is a system for writing novels invented by Randy Ingermanson, a theoretical physicist and author of six novels.  The idea is named after the Koch snowflake, a fractal pattern that is generated by beginning with a simple triangle then repeatedly adding smaller triangles to the center of each edge.  A really simple [...]
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