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Writing for stand up part 2: Having funny ideas

This is the second installment of a series about writing  stand up comedy material. Read Writing for stand up part 1: What is a joke?. The third and final part is coming soon. A joke subverts an assumption. A comedian must identify or create assumptions and then surprise the audience by veering off in another [...]
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Swearing in Speeches

When I was writing my first toastmasters speech a key part of the story revolved around someone swearing at me. I was certain a verbatim quote would cause offense so I adjusted the phrase to “Turn your effing music off!”. This sounded stilted and my mentor thought it was still too strong. After, literally, hours [...]
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Blood, sweat and jokes

A few nights ago I went along to The London Open Mic Comedy Night to support my friend and aspiring standup comedian Tom Elliott. He did very well and I was very impressed with high standard of everyone who performed. Standup comedy is a very pure form of public speaking. No safety net of a set [...]
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