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Presenting in a foreign language

Today we have a guest post from Maureen McGuinness about speech delivery in a foriegn language. You can follow Maureen on twitter! Presenting and public speaking are challenging but rewarding skills to learn. They require time and dedication to be successfully executed. But what if you had to present in another language? As a languages [...]
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The Way of Harmony

Aikido was originally developed as a defensive martial art in Japan and has since spawned many different styles. The style I practice is Ki Aikido. Ki Aikido abstains from the terms martial art and self defense branding itself as a distinct art form that focuses on developing ki, the Japanese word for “harmonious spirit”.¬†Once you’ve [...]
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The number one rule

The number one rule of public speaking is: “do not apologise”. Countless times I have seen a speakers confidently swagger to the front of the room and in a clear, booming voice they will announce… that they’re sorry for being so nervous. The illusion of confidence is completely destroyed. Now the whole audience is aware [...]
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