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Yes, and…

I over analyse every interaction I have. I get annoyed when people cut me off with their puerile observations. I am appreciative when people wait for me to finish before offering their own point-of-view. I hate it when people hijack conversations. I have become very aware of conversational dynamics. The root cause was attending a workshop called Listen, Think, [...]
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What should you speak about?

How old are you? That’s how many years of unique experiences you have. You have accumulated insights and stories relating to hundreds of different topics. So why is it so hard to think of something interesting to talk about? As Toastmasters progress through the speech manuals they may feel like they have exhausted their personal anecdotes [...]
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Impromptu speaking advice from an improvisation teacher

Recently I had a discussion with a friend from my Aikido club who runs an improvisational theatre group. He described some of the methods used for acting in improvised scenes. Although the content is unrehearsed and unscripted there are a set of well defined techniques which improvisers use to coordinate and advance a scene. He [...]
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