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Book Review: Brain Rules by John Medina

We intuitively understand that there is something wrong with the way we learn and work. How much information from school has completely evaporated from your mind? How often do you feel bored or creatively stifled at work? There are hundreds of books and websites about improving productivity, but few with a scientific foundation. John Medina has written [...]
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Book Review: High Impact Speeches by Richard Heller

I was given this book as a Christmas present from my parents. This is the third book on public speaking I have received as a gift since joining Toastmasters International. Interestingly I don’t get gifts related to my other hobbies. High Impact Speeches is written for people who write and/or deliver speeches.  Many of the examples are [...]
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Book review: Teach Yourself Stand-up comedy by Logan Murray

Yesterday I read Teach Yourself Stand-up comedy by Logan Murray. I took lots of notes which I have written-up as a book review in the style of Trent from The Simple Dollar. What follows is a brief summary of each chapter including my interpretation of the main points. In a nutshell: Teach yourself stand-up comedy is a [...]
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