The Entertaining Speaker #4: A quiet little Cul-de-sac

(Watch this 7:33 vid on Vimeo)

I attended another amazing meeting at Phoenix Speakers on Wednesday. This new club is buzzing with energy and I’m really proud to be on the committee.

I completed the fourth speech project from the Entertaining speaker manual. The objectives were to deliver a dramatic talk with characters and dialogue.

I had written it and had it checked by my mentor well in advance, but I had only run through it about five times. My lack of preparation caused me to lose my place a few seconds into the talk. I just went blank. I had my notes in my back pocket and was able to make a joke about referring to them. To be honest it probably helped because it got a laugh which contributed to the “entertaining” nature of the speech. The rest of the speech flowed fairly smoothly, although I did have to improvise out of a couple more mistakes. Again, this probably helped the speech as my language would have sounded natural and unscripted.

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  1. Anya
    Posted June 1, 2011 at 11:50 pm | Permalink

    Andrew, you have such a great way to bring stories and characters to life. I don’t know if you plan for that or if it comes naturally but your use of pauses and highlighting of key words is one the best I ever observed. I loved the reenacting (is that a word?) of the dialogue of all involved – it worked well! The caveman speech was really funny too. The venue where your new club meets looks very cool – seems like a nice library? Anya

  2. Andrew
    Posted June 2, 2011 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    Hi Anya, great to hear from you!

    Thanks! These advanced manuals are really pushing me out of my comfort zone, so glad it seems to be working.

    Our club’s new venue is fantastic. It’s a room above a pub. The book-lined walls definitely add an air of intellectualism to the meetings ;)


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