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Writing for stand up part 3: Refining Jokes

If you read the last two articles in this series you may have written something that resembles a joke. If you’re still at the ideas stage try fitting one into the setup/punch format discussed earlier. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem very funny. We’ll try and whip it into shape. The process of refining an [...]
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Toastmasters Speech no.10: My Shameful Secret

Last monday I completed my tenth speech project at Toastmasters and was presented with my Competent Communicator award. The objectives of the tenth speech are to inspire your audience. Video (View 9:28 this video on Vimeo or Youtube) Preparation I’ve been considering writing a speech about dyslexia for a while. The “inspire your audience” project seemed like [...]
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Toastmasters Speech no.8: Humorous Speech Contest

Last week I competed in my club’s humorous speech contest. Unfortunately I don’t have a video of the event because the dvd got too scratched to rip and upload. However, I won this round, so I will have another opportunity to film the speech at the Area contest, albeit with a few minor changes. I’ll update this post [...]
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