Link Roundup: April

I’ve had a busy month. I performed my thirteenth stand up comedy gig. I completed my eighth toastmasters speech. I packed up all my stuff and moved back the the UK. Now I’m in the Netherlands visiting a friend.

Best of this month on The Naked Speaker

This month I completed the seventh project in the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual (and my eighth speech at Toastmasters).

Toastmasters speech no.7: A boring lecture about statistics

One year ago on The Naked Speaker

Last year I wrote one of the most popular articles on this site that explains how to use mind maps to learn, write and brainstorm.

How to use Mindmaps for speech writing, brainstorming and learning

From around the web

The School of Life Secular Sermons

The School of Life is an organisation, based in central London, that creates products concerned with how to live wisely and well. It was founded by the writer and philosopher Alain de Botton. One of its popular events are the Sunday Sermons, a secular alternative to religious sermons, where “maverick cultural figures” take to the podium to explain their ideas about living well. Videos of previous sermons have been made available online.

In Particular I recommend watching Alain de Botton – On Pessimism.

How do I keep my students off the internet during a lecture?

If you’re teaching a class it’s infuriating to see half your class browsing the internet on their laptops or phones. But if you ban laptops then you’re penalising people who are taking notes or using their phones for legitimate business reasons. The following thread on meta filter has some thoughtful comments about how to deal with this scenario.

Ask MetaFilter: How do I keep my students off the internet during a lecture?

“If somebody “banned” anything I was doing, … it would not sit well. I would actually be irritable and less engaged in that meeting. Why? Because I’m an adult. “

A public speaking train wreck

(Watch this 2:45 speech on Youtube) (via Reddit)

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