Link round up: March

This post is my second monthly round up of links (see last month’s). It’s been a busy month for me involving lots of reading about, writing and performing stand up comedy. So there is an obvious slant towards that here. Btw, you should be following me on twitter here.

Best of this month on The Naked Speaker

Writing for stand up part 1: What is a joke? Learn the basic requirements of a joke. Subsequent articles in this series will appear in April.

Microphone Technique. learn how to use a hand held microphone and avoid the common mistakes

One year ago on The Naked Speaker

Snowflake method for speeches. Learn how to expand your speech from a premis, rather than attaching a moral onto a story.

From around the web

New Bill Hicks interview from 1992

Nick Doody, a British stand up comedian, interviewed Bill Hicks in 1992 and has just released the recording on his podcast Doubling Up. It’s a interesting and touching interview with some great insights into stand up comedy. Bill Hicks died in 1994 and many comedians claim to be influenced by him. Go and listen to the pod cast, you can skip 7:20 to go straight to the interview.

I come up with all the material on stage so therefore you know a large part of it is open ended. I don’t sit around and write comedy all day then perform it, I just have an idea and take it on stage, and it adds on to itself.

Stories from The Moth

The Moth, a not-for-profit story-telling organisation, released two excellent stories this moth as part of their podcast.

Deborah Scaling Kiley: Lost at Sea (21:32 mp3), a gripping story about surviving a shipwreck and a shark attack.

Starlee Kine: Radical Honesty (19:58 mp3), a story about attending a radical honesty bootcamp and learning a surprising lesson.

Comedy Insider

Stand up comedian, Christian Thom, presents a series videos about comedy. The videos are packed with insights about performing, writing and the business of comedy. Check out all the videos here. Below is a video about hosting a comedy show.

(Watch this 8:13 video on On Networks)

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