Link round up: February

I’ve decided to start a monthly round up of links related to public speaking. These posts will list the the month’s best posts from The Naked Speaker and the best of what I have seen from around the web including articles and videos/audio of excellent speeches. In the past I have posted a few things like this on the @nakedspeaker twitter account, but from now on I will only be using this account for new post notifications. You can still read my regular tweets on @andrewpmsmith.

This month from The Naked Speaker

This month I made my first attempt at stand up comedy performing at my club’s Stand up comedy night. Watch the video.

One year ago on The Naked Speaker

A year ago I attended Simon Bucknall‘s (previous UK and Ireland public speaking champion) excellent workshop entitled The Power of persuasion. Check out my writeup.

From around the web:

Ralphie May ‘s secret to writing massive quantities of comedy material!

In this interview comedian Ralphie May reveals his tactics for writing and performing stand up comedy.

No joke is ever finished. Young comics always mess up and make a mistake of not finishing their comedy. They’ll get it to where it gets a laugh and then they’ll go on to the next joke. A joke is never done. All these jokes are like rubber bands. You can expand them much further than you think. They’ll always hold a lot more. … I’ll drown them in every angle that a joke can have. Every angle.

Silence is a wonderful tool. If used properly, silence can double your laughs per minute. Use it. It adds an air of confidence. How do you use it? Before you do the punch line to a joke, if you pause you’ll get a laugh at the anticipation of the punch line. And when you hit the punch line, you’ll get another laugh. So you just doubled your laughs off that one joke.

It’s all in the voice – Some simple advice about improving your on air sound

This article offers some basic advice for improving the quality of your voice. It is targeted at radio presenters but the concepts are universal.

Many a news-reader and presenter can be found lying on the floor before they go on air getting as much air into their lungs as possible. The rationale behind this is that the more air passing through your mouth, the more complete your voice will sound.

Top Tips for Speech Evaluations from our UK & Ireland Champion

Previous UK and Ireland public speaking champion and current UK and Ireland Evaluation champion, Simon Bucknall, offers his advice for giving better evaluations. This is a great compliment to this article.

Better to focus on just TWO recommendations and do them justice than to give a shopping list of five or six different things. If you succeed in ensuring the speaker makes just one change as a result of your evaluation, you’ll have achieved more than most!

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