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Book Review: High Impact Speeches by Richard Heller

I was given this book as a Christmas present from my parents. This is the third book on public speaking I have received as a gift since joining Toastmasters International. Interestingly I don’t get gifts related to my other hobbies. High Impact Speeches is written for people who write and/or deliver speeches.  Many of the examples are [...]
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Stand up comedy course: Week 4

Read my write ups from weeks one and three. I really enjoyed this week’s class. My set is beginning to take shape. I’m gradually accumulating material and the different parts seem to segue into each other nicely. After the class I was so pumped with adrenaline I had difficulty sleeping. I’ve been listening back to my [...]
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Toastmasters speech no.9: Stand up comedy, the hard sell

Last night I performed the ninth speech in my Competent Communicator manual. The objectives of this speaking project are to “persuade with power”. It’s the sixth Toastmasters speech I’ve done. I delivered it out of order because my club needed someone to persuade people to take part in our stand up comedy evening. It was [...]
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