Christmas presents for the discerning speaker

Flip HD Ultra

I just picked one of these up for myself a couple of weeks ago. It’s awesome. I used it to record my latest Toastmasters speech. It is the most easy to use video camera I have ever seen. Turn it on, press the big red button to record, press the big red button to stop, then use the integrated usb connector to plug it into your computer and upload to YouTube.

Watching yourself on video is an extremely efficient and humbling way of getting feedback. I plan to take this with me to any future speaking engagements and find a volunteer to film me or use the integrated tripod mount.

You can’t go wrong for $149.99 in the US, or £119.10 in rip-off Britain.

Moleskine notepad

You should always have a notepad handy to jot down your ideas. Ideas spring into existence at the most inopportune times and vanish forever unless you record them. Big ideas and small refinements should all be jotted down immediately. Read about the unconventional way Roald Dhal recorded his ideas.

I carry a notepad from the stationary cupboard at my office. But if you want to look really cool you’ll get yourself a Moleskine notepad. The notepad of choice for Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde.

Teach Yourself Stand-up comedy by Logan Murray

I reviewed this book earlier in the year. It is one of the better books on comedy and public speaking that I have read. Most books on comedy seem to have been written by American comedians from the 1980s, so it’s refreshing to find one with a British perspective. Logan Murray has coached many successful comedians (including the hilarious We Are Klang) so you can be sure his techniques work.

Buy it on on, or

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

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