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What should you do when everything goes wrong? Learning from David Gorman

I just finished watching the DVD of David Gorman’s Googlewack adventure. I enjoyed it just as much as when I saw it live in 2003. Gorman demonstrates masterful storytelling, keeping the audience engaged for close to two hours. The story is packed with humor and punchlines without sounding contrived. Gorman shows us how PowerPoint should be [...]
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Speakers’ Corner

On Sunday I spoke at Speakers’ Corner. Speakers’ Corner is an area in Hyde Park where anyone is allowed to speak in public. This space attracts thousands of passing tourists meaning large audiences frequently assemble. Extreme opinions are to be expected as most speakers are there to evangelise their religion or harangue the government. Aggressive heckling is a feature [...]
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Improv with John Cremer and the Maydays

Last night I attended a workshop about improvisational comedy organised by London Toastmasters. The workshop was led by John Cremer, an improvisation teacher and performer. In the first half we were shown the techniques used by improvisational actors. The second half was a performance by John Cremer’s improvisational group, The Maydays. What follows is a [...]
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