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A speech by Jim Hacker MP

I have been stricken with man flu. I’ve been occupying myself with munching paracetamol, blowing my nose and watching episodes of Yes Minister to cheer myself up. Yes Minister is one of the greatest TV shows to come out of the 1980s. It’s hilarious and provides a penetrating window into the quagmire of British politics. [...]
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Effective use of Notes

Last Monday I discussed delivering a speech without notes. But what if going note-less isn’t an option? There are plenty of alternatives available, some better than others. 1. Write your notes as bullet points on your slides No. Just no. 2. Paper Sheets of A4 have enough space for your entire speech. The ability to [...]
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Delivering a speech without notes

You look good when you don’t use notes. You can look at your audience rather than down at your hands or the lectern. You are free to gesture rather than fumbling with index cards. But venturing on stage without a safety net is scary. If your mind goes blank you’re options are to improvise or [...]
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