Picking your tools

There is loads of software you could use to enhance your public speaking. Tools that could aid you in writing, personal organisation, research, audio recording, video recording and creating visual aids. But there are so many in each category that the choice can be overwhelming.

How should you make your selection?

I’ve already written about the applications I use regularly. In ┬áparticular, WriteMonkey, a distraction free editor.

In a feature-for-feature comparison with Microsoft Word, WriteMonkey looks very unattractive. It lacks basic typography styling. It doesn’t have a spell checker. Only one document can be open at a time.

So why do I prefer WriteMonkey to Word

Word can do everything, which means more stuff to learn, more things to get in your way and more potential to go wrong. Word is like a Swiss Army Knife. Yes it’s got everything on it, but the scissors are shit.

I prefer applications that do one thing really well.

WriteMonkey excels as a distraction free editor. It is small, intuitive and deliberately lacking superfluous features. It is far superior to Word for this use case.

This is the Unix Philosophy. Small, focused applications, which can be combined together in many ways.

I’ll always choose small and elegant over feature rich. And if you are tired of crashes, learning curves and bloat, you should too!

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