Club Officer Training

Last Wednesday I attended the Toastmasters Division B Club Officer Training. These sessions are held twice a year and are attended by committee members from Toastmasters clubs all around London.

The session included a series of presentations, including one about the Table Topics and Humorous Speaking competition to be held in September. The majority of the session was role specific training. I was placed into a group with six other Sergent At Arms’. We were given the opportunity to discuss the S@A’s responsibilities and share any tips/tricks that we might be used at individual clubs.

The S@A role is relatively straight forward, but we discussed some of the finer points of interacting with guests and managing logistics. It was interesting to hear how things are done differently in other clubs. One club presents all their guests with a ‘guest pack’, a folder with information about Toastmasters, the club, and membership information. There was plenty of variety in the way that feed back forms are presented. In my club we use small, perforated slips provide by Toastmasters, but other clubs use much larger sheets of paper or booklets so that more feedback can be given.

I was very impressed with the way the training was run. The facilitator was an Area Governor and a previous S@As (and VPE and President). Rather than imposing a prepared speech on us he posed a series of open questions and allowed the session to develop from our contributions. Thoughts and ideas were written down on a white board which he used to provide a short conclusion at the end. He followed up with an email summary.

Overall I found the session very useful and other members of my committee reported similar experiences.

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