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On the look out for stand-up comedy tips

Last night I went along to watch Five Minutes of Fame, an open mic stand-up comedy night organised by Tom Elliott in conjunction with the London Open Mic Comedy Night. I’ve written about how much I enjoyed watching Tom perform at other events, and it’s great to see that he’s keeping up the momentum. The [...]
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Book review: Teach Yourself Stand-up comedy by Logan Murray

Yesterday I read Teach Yourself Stand-up comedy by Logan Murray. I took lots of notes which I have written-up as a book review in the style of Trent from The Simple Dollar. What follows is a brief summary of each chapter including my interpretation of the main points. In a nutshell: Teach yourself stand-up comedy is a [...]
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Picking your tools

There is loads of software you could use to enhance your public speaking. Tools that could aid you in writing, personal organisation, research, audio recording, video recording and creating visual aids. But there are so many in each category that the choice can be overwhelming. How should you make your selection? I’ve already written about [...]
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