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A magic pill

My favorite book of 2008 was Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. It promotes rigorous scientific processes and rebukes companies and individuals who use pseudo-science to sell their products. Goldacre devotes a substantial part of the book to describing the placebo effect, i.e. where patients experience an improvement beyond the physiological effects of their treatments. I [...]
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Public speaking lessons at school

When I was at school I studied a brief course entitled “Communication and Media Studies”. It was a short course, maybe four lessons, taught as part of the¬†Key Skills program. There was very¬†little coherency between the lessons. We watched and discussed adverts then filmed our own. We competed to build the highest tower out of [...]
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Unconventional speaking advice #4: The Power Move

This post is part of the Unconventional speaking advice series. To find out more go to the first post. I’m pretty skeptical about self improvement gurus. But Tony Robbins seems to be more compelling than most. He has attracted a global cult following through his ability to engage audiences with his high energy style. To [...]
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