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Being Sergent at Arms at my Toastmasters club means that I get to speak at every meeting. This is regular exposure is helping me relax on stage. My slot is very structured, as I introduce each of the guests, but there is some leeway for incorporating my own personality.

Unfortunately this role means that I haven’t done a table topic for the past three months.

As we have such a large membership we can’t fit everyone on the topics list. An unlucky group of members, mostly latecomers, will not be able to participate. And anyone who has a speaking role during the meeting is not eligible for a topic.

Impromptu speaking is a skill that you aquire by practicing frequently. I’m keen to retain any skills I’ve gained and develop them further.

My club’s epic membership also means that there is a very long waiting list for prepared speaking slots (three to five months). I’ve been in Toastmasters a year and I have only delivered three prepared speeches.

I am very keen to start advancing towards my Competent Communicator qualification faster and keep up the momentum with impromptu speaking. I’m actively looking for more opportunities to deliver CC manual speeches. This is will involve, entering the competitions, filling in for last minute cancellations and going to other clubs.

My hope is that in the next twelve months I will have completed five more speeches.

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