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Unconventional speaking advice #5: No Brown M&Ms

This post is part of the Unconventional speaking advice series. To find out more go to the first post. Do you have specific technology requirements for your speeches? Do you rely on other people to set things up for you? Are you a prima donna millionaire? If so, why not start using Van Halen’s unconventional contract [...]
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Looking for speaking opportunities

Being Sergent at Arms at my Toastmasters club means that I get to speak at every meeting. This is regular exposure is helping me relax on stage. My slot is very structured, as I introduce each of the guests, but there is some leeway for incorporating my own personality. Unfortunately this role means that I [...]
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Not a fan of fans

Last weekend I went to see Stewart Lee, one of my favorite stand up comedians. His show is called If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One. I highly recommend you go and see it. He is preparing to take his show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is currently performing warm-up gigs around London. [...]
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