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Impromptu speaking advice from an improvisation teacher

Recently I had a discussion with a friend from my Aikido club who runs an improvisational theatre group. He described some of the methods used for acting in improvised scenes. Although the content is unrehearsed and unscripted there are a set of well defined techniques which improvisers use to coordinate and advance a scene. He [...]
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Toastmaster roles: Table topics master

Last Monday I performed the role of topicsmaster, a role that is part of the Toastmasters Competent Leader Manual. This role required me to devise and introduce a series of topics for people to talk about without any preparation. The theme I chose for my topics was Quantum Physics. I wanted to scare the participants into [...]
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The Way of Harmony

Aikido was originally developed as a defensive martial art in Japan and has since spawned many different styles. The style I practice is Ki Aikido. Ki Aikido abstains from the terms martial art and self defense branding itself as a distinct art form that focuses on developing ki, the Japanese word for “harmonious spirit”. Once you’ve [...]
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