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Plotting your emotional journey

Like most geeks I like to deconstruct things, find out how they work and formulate simple rules to describe complex patterns. One of the points Phillip Khan-Panni made in his recent workshop was that a speech should be journey. Speeches should exhibit a logical progression or they will be difficult to understand. We were shown [...]
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Using a Musical Accompaniment

Have you ever considered adding a musical accompaniment to a speech? Not turning your speech into a song, but just having some music in the background while you talk. I usually have music playing in the background when I’m rehearsing my speeches and I’ve found the music adds an interesting texture and rhythm. If you’ve [...]
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How to use Mindmaps for speech writing, brainstorming and learning

I have used mindmapping extensively for brainstorming and learning. I created a mindmap to plan my second Toastmasters speech. In this post I will explain the advantages of mindmapping, provide instructions on how to create one, and give examples of where I have used mindmapping to enhance my public speaking. The problem with Bullet Points Consider [...]
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