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Toastmasters roles: Time keeper

As I complete the various roles in the Toastmasters Competent Leadership manual I will write about them on this blog. In this post I will discuss the role of Time keeper. To ensure the timely running of a Toastmasters meetings all speeches are allocated a minimum and a maximum time. This applies to everything on [...]
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Dealing with awkward audience members

Last week I taught a course about operating systems to a group of four people. Small class sizes are great as course participants get plenty of individual attention. But they may be intimidating for the presenter. Pupils have more opportunity to ask about their specific area of interest that may be beyond the scope of [...]
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Swearing in Speeches

When I was writing my first toastmasters speech a key part of the story revolved around someone swearing at me. I was certain a verbatim quote would cause offense so I adjusted the phrase to “Turn your effing music off!”. This sounded stilted and my mentor thought it was still too strong. After, literally, hours [...]
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