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Toastmasters speech no.2: Esse Quam Videri

Last Monday I completed the second speech project in the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual, in which we are required to deliver an organised speech. Writing I’ve got a few funny stories from school, so I brainstormed as many as I could think of and made Maureen listen to them so I could gauge her reaction. [...]
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Saying Thank you

I’ve seen a lot of really, really awful presentations. But I always make the effort to thank the presenter, usually while everyone else is filing out the room, catatonic with boredom or mourning the hour that they will never get back. A presentation at my work will usually happen in the following order. Five minutes [...]
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Creativity vs. Ownership

I work on London’s Southbank, and on my lunchtime walks to the shops I see hundreds of tourists brandishing beautiful digital cameras, often with lenses more expensive than the cameras themselves.  And they’re all taking pictures of the same things: St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, tourist attractions that are photographed hundreds of times a day. [...]
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