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Make your audience think

I recently completed the Mentoring project in the Toastmasters Competent Leader Manual. I was mentoring an experienced member of the club who has already completed their Competent Communicator qualification. As a novice speaker, I treated this project as a learning experience. I wasn’t intending to offer any profound advice. I know, from experience that having [...]
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You and I

Use the word you more than the word I. Place the audience in the story, encourage them to empathise, focus on your audience not yourself. This advice has appeared in countless articles on speaking, writing and blogging. No doubt you’ve come across it before. But have you ever really applied it to one of your speeches? Earlier today [...]
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Outlandish introductions

What do you like on toast? A few times a year I’m given the opportunity to present a course offered by my work. One of the biggest problems with the course is that there is very little interactivity built into it. One attendee described it as a “one way course”. Attendees do have the opportunity to ask [...]
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